The Perfect Gift: Journaling Bibles and Daily Planners

During the Holiday season it is easy to get overwhelmed by your to-do list and get distracted with all the busyness.  Why not give the gift of organization and devotion by purchasing Journaling Bibles and Daily Planners for your loved ones.  Sure, sure, it might only be the women on your list who will get a kick out of this gift but at least you know you’re giving a present that is useful.

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I have one of each of these items on my Christmas list this year…a journaling bible and a daily planner.  They are both must haves for me this Season.

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Journaling Bible

When looking for a Bible Journal I wanted one with deep margins that I can take notes in and create artwork for.  There is something therapeutic about coloring and there are now bibles that have script in the margins that you can add your own touch to.  Thinking about meditating on scriptures long enough to create art out of them leaves a wonderful impression on my heart.  I can’t wait to get started!



Daily Planner

I look forward to becoming more organized in the new year.  One way to execute this is by owning a Daily Planner.  It is especially difficult to stay on task as a blogger without some type of schedule implemented.  Owning a planner will help eliminate wasted time and keep my blog on a forward momentum.  Planners are not only ideal for Bloggers but are useful for the working mother, homeschooler, or someone in ministry.  Can you use better organization next year?



Take your pick from these treasures on Amazon.  If you join Amazon Prime you might be able to save money on shipping and get your orders faster.


Grab the perfect gift. Journaling Bibles and Daily Planners on Amazon!


1.Inspire Bible NLT  2. Beautiful Word Coloring Bible NIV 3. Personal Reflections Bible KJV 4. Floral Journaling Bible 5. Polka Dot Journaling Bible ESV 6. Kate Spade Planner 7. Dot Fleck Planner 8. Very Busy Planner 9. Hello Life Planner 10. Bloom B&W Planner




Aren’t they pretty?!  I cannot decide which ones I like most.  I hope you find one that works for you or a special loved one.  If you need more gift ideas than please read Part 1 and Part 2 of  my Perfect Gift Series.


Many Blessings!

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  • Love this!!! Your blog is so gorgeous!
    I’ve bought tons of gratitude journals this year as gifts. Those journal bibles are where it’s at!

  • Natalie,

    You included great selections; I’m not sure if I would be able to choose either, haha! I definitely am focusing on better organization in the new year as well. I have a Day Designer planner that I absolutely love, but I’ll admit I’m not using it to it’s full potential. The days that I don’t plan out are always a disaster. I know that being more consistent will help tremendously!

    • You are definitely not alone Kleneice. I need the planner to make better use of my time. It’s a new discipline to open it and keep with what is written in it. It takes time to stop wasting time lol. I’m sure I’ll reach that sweet spot eventually!

  • I love, love, love daily planners and journals! Like, totally get all girly with them! Found a new one I want, crossing my fingers I can grab it soon lol. Great gift idea!

    • I literally can’t wait till I get my new Journaling Bible for Christmas. I plan on highlighting and making it beautiful so that it will be a keepsake for my daughter one day.

  • So pretty!! I’ve been wanting a journaling bible for awhile, too. It would make a great Christmas gift – perhaps to myself! 🙂 You’ll have to share some of your artwork once you have one! I myself am not much of an artist, but I love journaling! So, I’m thinking the coloring bible would be perfect! These are great gift ideas – thanks, Natalie! <3

    • You are welcome Nicole. I never thought of myself as an artist but I do enjoy coloring…at least I did as a child. I WILL share once I have some pages done!