When You Feel Rejected

It’s a feeling that each of us can relate to.  Not only are there times that we feel rejected, but there are times when we actually are rejected.


It’s having the sense of being unwanted, expendable, replaceable, and unworthy.  Rejection is a ploy from the enemy himself and it goes against everything Jesus instills in us.  Yet we believe it.  Why is that?

Small Rejections


If I asked you to name a time that you felt rejected you could probably think of a half a dozen instances right off the top of your head.  Those moments tend to stand out in our minds and seem to replay themselves over and over.  Most of the time when we are feeling this way it’s based on an assumption.  No one has really rejected you, you just happen to feel that way.


For example:

  • You say hello to someone in the hallway at work.  They ignore you because they are hurrying to clock-in before they are late.  Rejection.
  • You wave at someone from afar and they don’t see you even though they are looking in your direction.  Rejection.
  • A friendly acquaintance is having a birthday party that you didn’t get an invite for but someone you don’t know is in charge of invitations.  Rejection.


We tend to overanalyze little things like this and let them burrow down into our souls.  There it sits and festers putting a damper on our day, week, or even month if we let it.


Virtual Rejection


Then there is the online dismissal.  There is a reason that those Apps that tell you who unfollowed or unfriended you are so popular.  Millions of people are given the cold-shoulder on a daily basis.  Family members drop family members and acquaintances drop strangers.  It seems that everyone is disposable online and yet it still strikes a chord within us.  Somehow it still hurts.


There are times when we feel pushed away and rejected by those around us. Read more about what to do when you feel unwanted.

Actual Rejection


Then come the times of actual rejection that threaten to destroy you.


It’s the painful kind that rocks you to your core and it paralyzes you.


  • Your spouse has been having an affair and has chosen another over you.  Rejection.
  • Your best friend has stabbed you in the back and has began bad-mouthing you to others.  Rejection.
  • After years of dedicated work your job has laid you off due to cut-backs.  Rejection.



If you mix all of these different types together and it become a molotov cocktail that is a desperate blend of raw emotion and despair.  It can become life-threatening.  The reason it hurts so much is because people are behind rejection.  Machines and objects can’t make you feel bad, it’s the flesh and blood beyond them.

Oh but Jesus…


Our Lord whispers something different in our ears.  What He says drowns out the noise of the world and reassures us that He cares about us.  His affections for us run deep and we serve a purpose in His glorious plan.  Our worth is so much more than we can even wrap our minds around.


Our Lord himself was rejected, so if there is anyone else who can relate it’s him.  As a matter of fact there are still many who push Him away.


You are coming to Christ, who is the living cornerstone of God’s temple.  He was rejected by people, but he was chosen by God for great honor.
1 Peter 2: 4  NLT


So you see the rejection that each of us feels at one time or another is a wicked strategy from satan himself.  If he can convince us that we are worthless then we will sit stagnant in this life.  Our purpose will be prevented.  Our lights will  flicker and grow dim because we are believing the lies of the enemy rather than holding fast to the truth.  The truth is that we are valued.


Even if we sit friendless, family-less, jobless, and penniless…our worth is more than gold.


The following is some truth to take with you.

Think about these words.

Let them sink in.


Milk & Honey Faith: When you feel Rejected


Your worth is found in God Almighty.

No one can take that away from you.

Be blessed,

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  • lovely. Wonderful. and true. I like the comment that we over analyze. The statement that people have become disposable (especially in social media) is so true and sad. and yet God has taught us to love; even the unlovely.
    The name of your blog is so inviting!


    • Thank you dear April : )
      I agree with you wholeheartedly, we are called to love the unlovely (and everyone in between). Your kind words mean so much to me! Off to check out your blog now : )

    • You’re so very welcome Diane. I’m so glad you were blessed by this post and I hope that you’ll keep the truth at the forefront of your mind. Jesus cares about you.

  • What a great post! I was just talking to my husband about this last night. As a writer, I receive a lot of rejections and it can be really difficult to keep my spirits up. But this is my second reminder in two days that Jesus loves me, He’ll never reject me, and I am not defined by those rejections but by His love.

    • Oh sweet Meg,
      I’m so thrilled that this post brought you confirmation of the Lord’s affections for you. Stand on these verses and brand them on your heart. Much love to you and I’m praying that the Lord keeps you encouraged in your calling.

    • God gets all the glory for this one Joy. It so happened that I needed the reminder as much as anyone else about how He feels for me. God bless you Joy : )

  • Hi Natalie, I love that you’ve taken on this lie so happily thrown on us from darkness. Rejection stings, and often we’re left unaware of its presence. I hauled it around like a best friend for over 40 years until the Holy Spirit counseled me in love and truth…and showed its root. Crazy, huh? Good post, brave one. #goJesus. Visiting via By His Grace Bloggers.

    • Sweet Kristi,
      All too often we listen to these lies of the enemy telling us we’ll never amount to anything. I’m shutting him down and proclaiming God’s truth! We are not only accepted, but valued!

  • I am so grateful that when the devil wants to fill my ears with His lies all I have to do is run to my King and hear the truth of who I really am and who He created me to be. I love the verses! Will keep these handy for future reference. I really love the look of your site, beautiful!


    • Amen Erika!
      He is such a good Father! I just want to snuggle down in my Father’s arms when I feel the sting of rejection. He comforts us so.

  • What a awesome post. Rejection was something I tried to surpress. I would be so quick to say “I don’t struggle with rejection.” Oh my was I wrong. It’s so true how those little instenses can spring up rejection in our hearts. Thank you for the scriptures! I have some more to anounce when that rejection tries to creep up!!!!