How I Learned to Fiercely Trust During a Time of Doubt

Thanksgiving of 2016 is one that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.  It’s the day that our “normal” was forever changed…


Life Altered


I remember that as I sat next to my son in the dark, all I could hear was the bleep of the heart monitor. The overwhelming concern I felt was sending chills down my spine. My nineteen year old son Alex lay sleeping in the hospital bed with his body in a weakened and fragile state.

Milk and Honey Faith. Guest post at for Fierce Friday. Learning to trust God in the scary times. Fiercely His.

I watched as he breathed in and out, wondering how did we get here?  How was it that my son (who was young and healthy) ended up in the Intensive Care Unit on Thanksgiving Day?  Was he going to pull through?
I prayed.  I prayed hard about the unknown that was set before us…to read more click here.


Today I am honored to be Guest Posting over at my friend Shannon Geurin’s blog today for #FierceFriday.  I encourage you to hop on over and visit, but not just because of my post.  Shannon is an absolute warrior for Christ and her Friday Feature of Christian Bloggers will inspire you.


See you there!

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  • Read it. Loved it. Love Shannon’s blog focus. I can so relate to your disaster year. Ours was 2012 when I was diagnosed with cancer. and then more. I stumbled in my faith; or staggered under the weight of it. God gently led me back. I am so glad that God answered your prayers and that you are a fierce warrior!

    • Thank you so much for your encouraging words April! I just love Shannon! She’s such a beautiful soul. I can only imagine what your trial must be like April, how beautiful that God has you sharing your story with the rest of the world about his love. That is true faith.