Can You Have a Dream Come True Marriage?

My Dream Come True


As a child I can remember contemplating what my future would look like.  I dreamt big dreams about my life, and pictured myself as a doctor or lawyer.  I used to tell my Grandmother that I would one day make enough money to buy myself a house and her a house.  It wouldn’t be just any house either, it would be a large white home with shutters and a white picket-fence.  

Milk and Honey Faith: Do dream come true marriages really exist? How can you find true happiness in marriage and what does it take to succeed?


A husband and children were also always part of my dream come true.  We would have the grandest of weddings.  He would be even more successful than I and we would both somehow maintain these huge careers while raising perfect children.  We would always be on vacation and weekends would be filled with birthday parties and family events.  Yes, I dreamt big Barbie dreamhouse types of dreams.  Sadly, these dreams would not be my reality.


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  • Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your heart in this post. (And thank you, Madison, for hosting her.)
    Marriage is not at all how I fantasized about it as a girl either! But with maturity and the Spirit of God, we can have a beautiful union that God will bless. (It just takes a LOT of work!)
    I loved these words: “Contentment with what you have and who you share it with is the true dream come true.” ❤
    (BTW, I tried posting this on Madison’s blog, but got blocked as a suspected bot. ?)

    • Amen Gleniece! You are absolutely right, maturity and the spirit of God is precisely what we need in order to achieve the marital bliss He intended us to have. Nothing blesses my heart more than worshiping the Lord at my Husband’s side.