A Blog Party You Don’t Want To Miss (Salt & Light #1)

A New Linkup Party!

I can’t begin to describe how excited I am about this new feature on Milk & Honey Faith called the Salt and Light Linkup.  It has been a long time coming.  Hosting a Linkup party was something that was dropped in my spirit some time ago, but I never realized at the time that I would have the opportunity to co-host with three other brilliant Christian Bloggers every Thursday!  I feel so fortunate to be serving alongside such beautiful women of God!

The new Christian Blogger Linkup: Salt and Light, Christian Bloggers, Writers, and Influencers

What Is A Link Up Party?


I’m glad you asked…


A Link up is essentially a way for bloggers to submit a link to their post within a blog.  The link up is nicknamed “linkup party” because of the sheer excitement of having so many bloggers gathered in one spot who can identify with the topic.  Salt & Light Linkup happens to be based on the scriptures in Matthew 5: 13-14.  We are asking you to share posts that help edify the body of Christ so others they may be encouraged to be the salt and the light.

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You don’t have to be Blogger to participate


If you are not a blogger we welcome you just the same!  Take time to look through these amazing blogs so can find new favorite sites to bookmark.


Before I became a blogger, I spent a lot of time looking through linkup parties to find new posts and interesting articles to read.  I gleaned so much wisdom from the Christian blogs I found that it soon inspired me to become a better follower of Jesus.  Instead of filling my head up with junk from television or secular reading, I instead found like-minded individuals who could  help strengthen my walk with Christ by reading their testimonies.  Their articles helped me to discover that I wasn’t alone in this battle and that there was a lot that I could learn from those fellow believers’ life stories.


So whether you are a blogger or a reader, you are welcome here!  We desire for you to make some friends and cultivate a deeper relationship with our Lord Jesus.  Welcome to the blog party!

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Alisa Nicaud

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Carmen Brown

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Shannon Geurin

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Natalie Venegas

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