Why God Needs To Be First in Families

Today I get the awesome privilege of guest posting over at my dear friend Alisa Nicaud’s blog Flourishing Today.  We are in the series  “Knowing the Father” and I had to give this post some serious thought.  The Lord is ever present in my day to day life and the times when I feel like I know Him the best are when things in my life are shaky and fragile.  He shows up stronger than ever to show me that He is right at my side, instructing me, and helping me to stay standing when I nearly stumble and fall.

His love is unwavering and never fails us.  My post today goes into what happens when you depend on family more than you depend on God.  While God calls us to love our family members more than we love ourselves, He still demands to be first with good reason.  Read more to find out why…

His love is unwavering and never fails us. Families may fail, but His love remains. Click To Tweet

About a year ago I was put into a predicament that I never imagined would take place.  It caused me so much emotional trauma I distinctly remember thinking that I had no idea how I would recover.  Our seemingly indestructible family was shattered into a million pieces by the act of a close relative.  When I say family, I don’t mean just immediate…extended as well.  Just like that, our family dynamic was radically changed.


One Big Happy Family

Growing up as a child my family was my solid unit and something I could always rely on.  They were my safe haven from a world that too often felt like it was trying to take me out.

Ours was a household that hosted many get-togethers.  Weekends were for birthday parties and huge barbecues.  Many a time we would jump into trucks to make the evening drive-in show.  Aunts and Uncles would sit with our parents and talk for hours, and cousins were more like siblings.  Laughter could be heard for blocks.  As a child I recall thinking that our family was indestructible and forever bonded.

But like anything else, good times don’t last forever and the devil seeks to steal all that we hold dear to our hearts.  Sadly, happy families can be ruined.


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Milk and Honey Faith:  Guest post at Flourishing Today about why God should be first in families and how His love helps us in times of family pain.



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