Are You Giving Others the Privilege to Pray? (Salt & Light #14)


Can I be frank with you?  Sometimes I have inhibitions about who I will let into my circle.  The Lord has been nudging me to be more open and transparent with trusting fellow believers.  After reading this post I know why.


How else will people know what to pray for in your life unless you are letting them in?


So often I’m tempted to keep my trials and tribulations to myself.  I’m not sure if it’s pride, embarrassment, or fear of judgment that keeps me from being open.  I guess deep down, if I’m being completely honest, I’m afraid that someone will use my struggles against me.  Is that totally out of left field or what?


God gave us fellow believers to lock arms with, bear each other's burdens, and lift each other up. Click To Tweet


I realize the more I isolate myself when I am when I’m struggling, the more I’m hindering potential prayers.  Prayers that could lighten my load, lift my mood, and bring me peace.  I was challenged today when choosing my feature to venture outside of my safety zone and allow my brothers and sisters in Christ to know my prayer requests.


Please make sure you receive this valuable lesson as to why you should be a little more open with your prayer needs by reading “Giving Others the Privilege to Pray” by Emily at Splashes of Joy before linking up today.


Are you letting other believers in Christ know your prayer requests so they can pray for you?  Learn how being transparent with our prayer needs is necessary in your Christian walk.



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  • Wonderful post! I read somewhere that “When we pray, Heaven’s army receives their battle commands.” Commands are meant to be specific, direct, and never vague. But, they can’t be specific and direct if we don’t share them with others. Thank you for sharing your tender moments, Emily!!

    • Ah yes! I love that! I truly believe there is power in all prayer but specific prayers seem to yield faster results. Of course that’s only my opinion. I love that God gives us the capabilities of reaching out to Him and that He actually hears us : )

  • Natalie, I am right there with you! This is a lesson God continues to teach me. Thank you for featuring my post. I hope it will encourage others who may be struggling with something in their own life.

    • It’s my pleasure Emily, and my hope is the same as yours. I know that I certainly needed the message behind your post and I thank you!