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Salt & Light Link-up


The Lord laid the word “change” very heavy on my heart for 2018.  So far, it has been true in every sense.  There has been change with our family, church, ministry, and now with Salt & Light Linkup.  Good changes but still changes nonetheless.  As we adapt to our new way of linking up I feel I should fill you in on how this will work and our heart behind it.

As you may already now we transitioned from a team of four to a team of three.  Shannon Geurin is onto some new adventures but we are still embracing her as a forever Salt & Light sister.



How the Group will work


Salt & Light will no longer be a blog link-up but an actual link-up inside a aptly named Facebook Group.

We will still have featured posts but there will be more who get to be featured.  Christian Featured Posts will be not only be posted within the group but one will be selected as a feature on a blog post each week.  This means more exposure for your Christian posts!

And that is where our heart is…to reach more people with the word of God.

A Group for Christian Bloggers and their Christian audience. If you are looking for Christian encouragement and camaraderie then this is the group for you. #SaltandLightLinkup #ChristianBloggers #FacebookGroup #community #Group #Christian #Faith #JesusFollower

And that is not all…


Everyone is invited to be in this Facebook Group.  Readers and Bloggers alike.  All that is required to join is owning a personal FB account.  However, there are rules that every member will be expected to follow.  This Group is not only meant to share the Gospel and encourage, but it’s also meant to be a community.  In order for a community to thrive there must be order.  That means that spammers and naysayers will not be allowed.  The Salt & Light Link-up will still also only be for Christian Bloggers to share posts in but we are excited to have our readers as actual members.

Make sure you join the new Salt & Light Link-up Facebook Group! A Facebook group for Christian Bloggers and Readers alike. #SaltandLightLinkup Click To Tweet


This type of group has never been tried before, but everything deserves to be tried at least once.

So without further ado Alisa, Carmen, and I would like to cordially invite you to the first ever link-up group on Facebook.


Please click on this link to join the Salt & Light Facebook Group>>>>





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