How Can I Be A Better Sister? (Salt & Light #33)

I find myself praising God today for my sister Diana from Diana’s Diaries because I believe her post is my favorite article that has ever been posted within Salt & Light.  I do not say that lightly because she is among a mighty throng of beautiful writers each gifted from the Lord above.  However, Diana’s post stands out to me because of the amount of conviction it has brought me.  It has me asking the question “How can I be a better sister?”


I think of my siblings now and my relationship with each of them.  They are far from what I’d call thriving relationships.  Though some of them are not walking with the Lord, that doesn’t change the fact that I’m not nearly as good of a sister as I should be.


Do you ever wonder if you could be a better sister or if you are a good one at all?  Read this post to see if you carry the character of a good sibling, friend, and sister-in-Christ.  #spiritualgrowth #saltandlightlinkup #milkandhoneyfaith #beabettersister


How many times have I been jealous or hurt?  There have certainly been times that I have held a grudge instead of getting over the past.  I have fallen short because I have resolved to care about my own feelings over theirs.


Then I started thinking about the kinds of relationships I’d like to cultivate with my sisters within my church and blogging family.  Am I putting my best foot forward and being the best kind of sister that I can be?  After reading Diana’s post I realized that I have a ways to go.  Only by abiding and adhering to the principles laid out for us in God’s word am I able to see how short I really fall, and where He’d like me to be instead.  I want to be a sister-in-Christ not only in word but by action.


I want to be a sister-in-Christ not only in word, but by action. #SaltandLightLinkup Click To Tweet


Are you willing to take an honest assessment today of your family relationships and friendships?  If you are like me and know that you could do better then please read “How To Be A Sister’s Keeper With These 7 Excellent Qualities“.


The truth is we all fall short in one or two of these areas.  Maybe even all of them.  We can all do better when it comes to being our Sister’s Keeper.



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  • Thank you sweet Natalie for featuring this post today #salt and light today. God’s Word can most certainly convict us ,correct us, and comfort us. Happy Thursday 😊

    • It’s absolutely my pleasure! Thank you for being so bold and honest in your writing. It’s a breath of fresh air : )