What Does Community Mean to You?

Where was my Community?

I can remember crying out to God because there was a time that I yearned for a true sense of community and for friendships that were loyal.  Even though I was blessed with a loving husband and beautiful children, my heart longed for true friends.  


Friends in the World


While living a worldly lifestyle I had friends of all sorts who were from various walks of life.  Time spent with them was mistaken for quality, when in actuality, I was compromising my soul.  I began clinging to these so-called friendships as an escape from the stark reality of my diminished spiritual life.  I convinced myself that these friendships were what mattered because maybe somehow, popularity would fill the gaping hole in my soul.  They didn’t, they made it worse.

What do true friends look like today? Find out what God says about true friendships and who your community should be. Jesus gives you the friends you need.

What started as casual talk ended up turning into gossip and backstabbing.  Time spent alone with these women turned into plans of claiming our independence from our Husbands.  We planned outings to places that we had no business being in, that could have sabotaged our marriages.  They were friendships that left me feeling hopeless and drained.  Yet, I was duped into thinking that there was nothing better.  These were my “friends”.


“Do not be misled: “Bad company corrupts good character.”
1 Corinthians 15:33


To read more please visit my friend Christa Sterken at her blog ChristaSterken.com.

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  • What an encouraging read! Yes, community is vital and thankfully, this is a subject that’s getting the well-deserved attention it needs. Thank you for sharing your own story on how God placed the right women in your life to facilitate that God-given desire for community, Natalie.

    • Thank you so much Sarah! I’m eternally grateful that you are part of that community! It has been such an incredible blessing getting to know women from different backgrounds and cultures who share the same love for Christ. God bless you Sister!