Your Location is Not a Disadvantage (Salt & Light #5)

The Location You Are In

Do you ever feel like your location doesn’t fit your calling?  Perhaps the Lord has given you a path to follow and it just doesn’t make sense where you are standing, but it makes perfect sense to God.  He has handpicked you for that very spot you are in to do a work that only you can do.  Whether it’s a city, your neighborhood, or even your workplace…God has a purpose for your presence.

Salt & Light Linkup:  Featured post by Hannah Tan about how God uses the location you are in

My Location Isn’t Ideal


Have I told you that I live in Las Vegas, NV?  Otherwise known as Sin City.  Mentioning this as my place of residence comes with a stigma (especially to the online world) and I’m not naive to that fact.  However, God has a plan and that and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with reaching the lost.

God has a purpose for your presence in the place you are in. Click To Tweet

That is why Hannah Tan’s post “Youth Pastor, Your Location Is Not a Disadvantage” resonated so much with me.  While I’m not a Pastor (or even a Pastor’s wife), I am in the ministry of Blogging.  My insecurities about what people might think or how effective I might be because I live in a town considered to be a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, is something I have to force myself to overlook.  The Lord picked this spot for me and I won’t leave till my job is finished.

I recommend that you read her post before linking up so that you are encouraged in the place you are in.  Thank you for stopping in today.

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